What Makes it Work?

Light Emissions draws on in-house expertise going back to architectural video installations as early as 1998.

We have specifically developed robust display electronics and firmware, designed from the bottom up to be integrated into high profile installations and be practically maintenance free.

Essential elements include having the brightness and ‘visual punch’ to make an impact on well-lit environments such as interior daylight and outdoor daylight areas.

Equally important is providing the best viewing quality achievable. This can only be done by allowing true digital video data all the way to every single pixel of the display. Only then can you be ensured of ending up with images that do not judder and ‘tear’ on large screens.

As every single part of Light Emissions display products are designed by us and manufactured in Europe, we can guarantee that your installation will be of the highest quality available from anywhere. Facility owners and operators of world class visitor venues would appreciate signature visual displays to just work and work, with the minimum of interruptions and repairs.

LE how it works